terça-feira, 15 de abril de 2008

Returned Cover

In February of this year I received a wonderful letter from Russia, through the hand of Andrew.
Upon receipt, I showed it to you on this blog (posted on February, 20) and I shared my pleasure with you, and I commented it. Don't you remember?
Andrew's letter was really superbe, "just magnificent", an incomparable work of art, wasn't it?
Well, I tried to act the same way, and I sent to Andrew my cover on 20.02.2008, by registered mail, with a colorful series of " Trajes Regionais - Regional Costumes," a series issued by Portuguese Post (CTT) on 2007.
I am now really disappointed, because just today I received back this letter ... I feel strange a feeling of mission not accomplished...
Andrew, I'm so sorry! Please, tell me your right address, so that you receive my new cover.
Thanks in advance to email me.