quarta-feira, 3 de dezembro de 2008


Christmas is coming.
This cover brings 2 "Christmas" stamps edited by German Post (2008).
The stamp on the left side reproduces an Albrecht Dürer painting and a Raffaello's one on the right side.
Thank you very much, Igor!


This envelope came from Turkey, decorated on "EUROPE 2008 series - Writen letters. "
This lonely girl seems to be really sad, waiting for news, that could arrive today, tomorrow, or never... Oh, solitude!!!
Thanks Ahmet!


New nice and expressive cover from Ukraine.
A dove brings a letter. Peace is possible. Yes, we believe!
Courtesy of Igor!
Велике спасибі!


New cover from Malta.
Again 2 commemorative stamps from the series "Olympic Games Beijing 2008".
Thank you, Albert!