quarta-feira, 2 de abril de 2008


My friend Piet is an unusual man.
We had never met each other, but next time I will be in the Netherlands, I promise to knock Piet's door to thank warmly his spontaneous generosity.
By the way, do you remember my campaign to get letters from the African continent? Some days later he sent me 7 African covers, from his private collection.
Well, now Piet surprised me again: I have just received some hours ago, from him: 1 letter from South Georgia & The South Sandwich Islands; 1 letter from the Ukrainian Antarctic Station; 1 letter from Namibia; 1 letter from Isla Robinson Crusoe; 1 postcard from Pitcairn Islands; 1 postcard from Britisn Antarctic Territory, and 1 postcard from East Timor.
When the friendship creates and fortifies its roots, what more can we wish?
Piet let me know his wantliss about places he is still missing cover from. Certainly some of you can help him...
I'll announce to you his wantlist, soon.
Thank you so much, Piet!