terça-feira, 29 de abril de 2008


Yes, most of you know how I appreciate Pope John Paul II.
He is my favorite topic in my philately.
Well, here is a new beautiful cover (one more!) I received today from Poland, birthplace of This remarkable Man and Pope.
Thank you very much, Mieczyslaw!


Two stamps on the WWF call our attention in the upper right corner of the envelope. It's an appeal more for the preservation of bio diversity and respect for our Planet.
We are deeply involved, all of us.
Thank you, Piotr!

Czech Republic

Stamps of various themes give life to this nice cover. Among them, I will elect 3: Two of them refer to the Olympics in Athens 2004 and one for the winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City-2002. Thank you, Vladimír!

quarta-feira, 23 de abril de 2008


Two nice letters from Poland, as beautiful as unexpected.
They arrived almost simultaneously. The friendship builds up step by step, like a solid house, stone by stone.
Thank you so much, Kazimierz.

segunda-feira, 21 de abril de 2008


Again, a surprise and what a surprise!

Who doesn't remember hearing about Vietnam?

Well, it is the first letter I get from this distant country and by the feminin and delicate Tram's hand. She is interested in stamps on flora, food, etc.. Visit her blog: http://stampsoftramha.blogspot.com.
It's really interesting.

Congratulations and thank you, Tram!

Yemen, Republic of

I am pleased, of course, because it is my first letter of the Republic of Yemen. It's rare to get news about this country that extends along Red Sea and, among others, is a part the Kingdom of Sheba. Courtesy of Safia.

sexta-feira, 18 de abril de 2008


New letter from Russia.
I regret don't have information on the stamps on this envelope. I also regret don't know Russian and don't have minimum knowledgment how to read the Cyrillic alphabet. It could be helpful at least to mention the names of the men listed in stamps in the upper right, both born in the year 1917. (By coincidence, a date also marked in the history of Russia).
It is however clear that the dominant theme of all main stamps is the sea and sea shipping.
Thanks, Nikolai, for your fidelity!

terça-feira, 15 de abril de 2008

Returned Cover

In February of this year I received a wonderful letter from Russia, through the hand of Andrew.
Upon receipt, I showed it to you on this blog (posted on February, 20) and I shared my pleasure with you, and I commented it. Don't you remember?
Andrew's letter was really superbe, "just magnificent", an incomparable work of art, wasn't it?
Well, I tried to act the same way, and I sent to Andrew my cover on 20.02.2008, by registered mail, with a colorful series of " Trajes Regionais - Regional Costumes," a series issued by Portuguese Post (CTT) on 2007.
I am now really disappointed, because just today I received back this letter ... I feel strange a feeling of mission not accomplished...
Andrew, I'm so sorry! Please, tell me your right address, so that you receive my new cover.
Thanks in advance to email me.

segunda-feira, 14 de abril de 2008


Three stamps of Pope John Paul II, a beautiful series issued by Correos de Chile.
The snowfall in the Andes range and the reassuring flight of the condor, give the stamp of the left an intrinsic musicality recalling the beautiful song "El Condor pasa."
Courtesy of Humberto.

The Netherlands

New letter from Piet.
The stamps are a slight breeze in fresh shades of blue and green. On this sheet we can read in Dutch "Vergeet-ze niet" - "Do not forget them", in allusion to older people. The original name of the delicate small blue flowers means in Dutch "Do not forget me."
Needless to use more words.
Thank you so much, Piet!

United Nations

Nice FDC from the United Nations.
Stamps concern "Endangered Species" and this new issue took place on March 6, 2008 in New York, USA.
Always up date theme.
Thank you, Ms. Yan Wu.

sábado, 12 de abril de 2008

Pope John Paul II

Dear friends,
My collection of covers, stamps and blocks on Pope John Paul II has increased substantially in the last weeks, thanks to the sympathy and kindness of friends around the world, surprising me with valuable material.
During His Pontificate, Pope John Paul II materialised 104 trips by the most diverse places in the world. I think all countries visited issued stamps comemorating each event. Moreover, among the countries not visited, many of them didn't remain indifferent to the importance and greatness of His odd figure, and also issued commemorative stamps.
I would like to continue this enthusiasm in the expansion of my philatelic collection on This MAN and on This POPE.
So, I invite you the sending: -- Letters with (at least) a stampe of Pope John Paul II on the envelope and, if possible, the same one, separately, inside. If you send me an additional block and/or a mini-sheet, better yet. You can also send me letters that were addressed to other people. It is not necessarily they were issued in my name.
Upon receipt, I will send a cover to everyone equally, stamped with the theme(s) of your choice and including inside some stamps, blocks and mini sheets of your choice, according to my availabilities.
I promise to be generous in return.
I'm waiting for your letters.
Greetings from Portugal for you all!
André de Melo
PS: Herewith 2 examples: 1 cover, courtesy of Vladimir (CZ) and 1 cover, courtesy of Kazimierz (PL)

quarta-feira, 9 de abril de 2008

Tristan da Cunha

It is not every day we receive a letter from an unusual place.
Reason why I'm a lucky man today, thanks to Ms. Green.
This archipel in the Southern Atlantic Ocean was first sighted in 1506 by the Portuguese sailor, Tristão da Cunha (He is in the stamp, comemorating 500 years of that discovery).
You can know more about these islands through Tristan da Cunha web site: http://www.tristandc.com/
Thank you so much, Ms. Green, for this pleasant trip.


Two different coloured stamps from the same issue 2007 (here in duplicate), decorate this beautiful cover received from Ukraine.
Courtesy of Igor.


New letter from Greg, one of my friends in Poland.
As you can see, this envelope is decorated with Easter eggs stamps.
But the real gift is inside, with beautiful stamps about painting and, Pope John Paul II. Several thematic postcards complete this packet.
Oh what a pleasant surprise!
I am very grateful to Greg for the enrichment of my Pope John Paul II's collection.
Thank you very much!


Beautiful letter from Croatia.
10 (!) stamps adorn this cover and dominant theme revolves around the Christmas with churches.
The sport also occupies its space, with a stamp dedicated to the athlete Blanka Vlasic.
Thanks, Dragan!
You are invited to have a look to Dragan's web site: http://www.followstamps.com/

segunda-feira, 7 de abril de 2008

Czech Republic

I already told you before: Vladimir is a courageous man, you tries to think always positive, for whom life is an inestimable value that must be assessed for each day.
Whenever everything seems grey, if we are able to join our hands, then everything seems easier and life is even more sense.
We wish all the best to you, Vladimir, and thank you for your excellent lesson of life.


Thank you, Kazimierz, for this beautiful envelope received today… Oh, how I am grateful to you! ...
You know, I am a fanatic for this extraordinary Person who was Karol Woitila, the Pope John Paul II.
I count on my friends in Poland to enrich my collection. They know (you know) they/you can count on me on this friendly exchange. Greetings for all of you!

domingo, 6 de abril de 2008

The Netherlands - Piet

I promised to talk about Piet, this extraordinary and generous Dutch man who collects stamps and letters from every unusual place on the planet and, above all, FRIENDSHIP for him is an essential value. He has an interesting, strong and fascinating personality…
Like every collector, Piet has his want list. A few days ago he let it know to me. Unfortunately, I cannot help him, as this moment, as I would like. However, among all friends who visit my site, certainly some of you may help him… Reason why I would like to let you know Piet’s want list (covers) from the following places, i.e.:
- Karakalpakstan (Uzbekistan)
- Barneo Ice Station (Russ. Arctic)
- Palmerston Island (Cook Island)
- Somaliland (Somalia)
- Uros Islas (Peru – Lake Titicaca)
- Barnaba (Ocean Island – Pacific)
- Mustang (Nepal-Tibet)
- Nicobal Island (India)
- Nordkapp (Northern Norway)
- Niihau (Hawai – The Forbiden Island)
- Oecusse (East Timor Enclave)
- Golan Heights (Syria – Israel)
- Isola Stramboli (Italia)
- Isola Vulcano (Italia)
- Tavolara (Italia)
- Nova Zembla (Russian Arctic Isl.)
- Franz Josef land (Russ. Arctic Isl.)
- Cabinda (Angola Enclave)
- Suwarrow Island (Pacific)
- Castaway Cay (Disney Island)
- San Blas Islas (Panama)
- Saharaou Republic (Western Sahara)

In case you are from one of the above mentioned places, feel free to let me know. Piet deserves mine and your friendship.

quarta-feira, 2 de abril de 2008


Beautiful cover received from Germany.
The stamps down on the right side reproduce a painting of Carl Spitzweg (1808-1885). Upon a block evokes Limes, the border started to be built by Emperor Augustus to separate the Roman Empire from Germanic Tribes not won. Its ruins were declared a World Heritage Site in 2005 by UNESCO.
Thanks, Maik!


Again nature in stamps.
Thank you, Gilbert!


Nice cover from Ukraine.
The colors of the landscape and the themes of the stamps applaud the spring.


My friend Piet is an unusual man.
We had never met each other, but next time I will be in the Netherlands, I promise to knock Piet's door to thank warmly his spontaneous generosity.
By the way, do you remember my campaign to get letters from the African continent? Some days later he sent me 7 African covers, from his private collection.
Well, now Piet surprised me again: I have just received some hours ago, from him: 1 letter from South Georgia & The South Sandwich Islands; 1 letter from the Ukrainian Antarctic Station; 1 letter from Namibia; 1 letter from Isla Robinson Crusoe; 1 postcard from Pitcairn Islands; 1 postcard from Britisn Antarctic Territory, and 1 postcard from East Timor.
When the friendship creates and fortifies its roots, what more can we wish?
Piet let me know his wantliss about places he is still missing cover from. Certainly some of you can help him...
I'll announce to you his wantlist, soon.
Thank you so much, Piet!


Nice cover received from Chile.
Both stamps belong to the series "Iglesias Centenarias de Chile" - Centennial Churches of Chile. The stamp on the left portrays the Church of Parinacota, built in the seventeenth century. And the right right one portrays the Church of San Pedro de Atacama, built in 1774.
Courtesy of Adolfo.