segunda-feira, 24 de novembro de 2008


Beautiful "R" cover from Russia with with 2 mini-sheets on themes "Churches" and "Nature".
Both 2008 issues.
Thank you, Nikolai!
Благодарю Вас, Николай!


"Faster, faster, the Snowman shouts, not angrily at all, and waves his splendid hat(...)".
FDC dated 20.11.2008, on Christmas theme.
Thank you very much, Pirjo! And Merry Christmas!


Nice cover double stamped on "hollidays" theme.
This issues is untitled "Vacances 2008"
Thank you, C.J.! Merci!

quinta-feira, 20 de novembro de 2008


I'm glad for receiving my first cover from Mongolia... Really nice!
This envelope is allusive to the 750th Anniversary of The Mongolian Secret History.
As the stamps are concerned, once again the nature alive:
- An otter - Lutra lutra
- Two ducks - Anas Platyrchynchos
- A Woodpecker - Dryobates Leucotos (Bechst)
Thanks a lot, Baasan!


This commemorative FDC (dated 11.11.2008) is dedicated to Austrian ski legend: Karl Schranz.
"Karl Schranz was one of the best alpine ski racers ever. In his long and illustrious career (1958-72) he won twenty major downhills, many major GS races and a few major slaloms. Late in his career he was the successor to Killy as Overall World Cup champion (1969,1970). He was also World Cup Downhill(1969,1970) and GS(1969) champion (...)
He must be considered one of the giants of the sport". - Wikipedia
Thank you very much, Andreas! Danke!


Seven colored stamps give this envelope a real garden impression, where we feel the fragrance of red roses, carnations and tulips ...
One stamp shows us a view of the port of Zonguldak in the Black Sea.
Finally, in the upper left corner, the stamp Europa 2008.
Courtesy of Ahmet!

segunda-feira, 17 de novembro de 2008


Beautiful cover just received, with a commemorative mini-sheet on. Its name is "Works of Art from The National Museums (Baya)"
"Baya Mahieddine was born on Dec. 12th, 1931 at Bordj el Kiffan in Algiers. Orphan when she was five, Baya of her true name Fatma Haddad, had never gone to school and was brought up by her grand mother in the biggest misery. When baya was 10 years old, she was spotted by a French young lady name Elisabeth Benhoura. Baya considered this young lady as her adoptive mother and went to live with her in Algiers. There, Elisabeth provided her with paper, pencils and gouache (...)
Baya passed away on November 9th, 1998 after she had left more than 50 years of artistic selected works."
Courtesy of Zine!


Commemorative FDC "Estonian Post 90 Years 1918 - 2008"
Congratulations for this anniversary!
Thank you, Pirjo!

quinta-feira, 13 de novembro de 2008


Nice cover decorated and stamped with Aviation theme (a 2008 series).
On the stamps we can review 3 ancient models: B24 D, Curtiss Hawk and P.Z.L. XXIV.
Thank you, Ahmet!


Suggestive envelope from Chile, a country of contrasts and of rare beauty. These 4 stamps confirm such diversity.
From the left to the right:
1- Photographer
2- Chile, Country of tourism - Torres del Paine Region XII
3- New Area of Los Rios, Salto Huila Huila
4- Christ the Redeemer 100 Years
"Christ the Redeemer of the Andes (Spanish: Cristo Redentor de los Andes) is a monument high in the Andes at 3,832 metres (12,572 ft) above mean sea level on the border between Argentina and Chile. It was unveiled on 13 March 1904 as a celebration of the peaceful resolution of the border dispute between the two countries". - Wikipedia
Muchas gracias, Carlos!


Nice cover about theme EUROPA 2008 - "Writen Letters".
I would like to emphasize the clear and expressive cancellation about trains:
"1908 - 2008 Historical event of the 100 years of inauguration of the railway section Coggiola - Grignasco".
Grazie, Alfredo!

The Netherlands

This nice cover came from The Netherlands (Honselersdijk).
Honselersdijk is a town in the Dutch province of South Holland. It is a part of the municipality of Westland, and lies about 8 km southwest of The Hague.
The village of Honselersdijk has a population about 6.500 people.
On the left of this envelope we can see some beautiful architectural Honselersdijk icons.
Thank you very much, Piet!

domingo, 9 de novembro de 2008


Diversified (8!) stamps composed this original envelope.
6 of them are releated to a "Expo'92 Sevilla".
Almost there is no space for the address...
Really original.
Thank you very much, Dan! Mulţumesc!


Beautiful cover received from Japan.


Nice cover received from Romania (Brasov)

Courtesy of Stefan! Mulţumesc!


Four stamps decorate this very nice cover:
From the left to the right:
1- A beautiful stamp (joint issues Canada-France), commemoration the Foundation of Québec city on 1608 by Samuel Champlain;
2- Lifesaving Society;
3- Jasper National Park , and
4-Oyster farming.
Three original ancellations "Philatelic Canada Philatélique Nov o3 2008". Bravo!
Thank you very much, Ferdinand!


Envelope originally cancelled on 1st day 19.09.2008 and with a double cancellation dated 07.10.2008.
It'a a tribute to Ferhat Abbas, firts President of Argelia (born 24 October 1899, Taher, Jijel – 23 December 1985).
Thanks to Ouari!

quinta-feira, 6 de novembro de 2008


Beautiful cover.

On the cover we have 2 stamps (full set - Italy 1996) about Italian wine production. Curiousily, the stamps have not been cancelled...

I appreciated this cover, because wine/grapes is one of my favorite topics.

Thank you very much, Lorenzo, for your kind contribution!


Interesting view card, with a nice picture from Tarnobrzeg, Kazimierz home town..
Kazimierz wanted to share with us the Bartosza Glowackiego Square (Plac Bartosza Glowackiego).
Thanks a lot! Dziękuję!


Again a nice cover about Pope John Paul II, with double stamps (1,35zl) and a beautiful cancellation.
Courtesy of Kazimierz!


Beautiful cover.
The image on this series corresponds to Our Lady of Fátima. We can read on all stamps "10-lecie Radia Maryja 8 XII 1991 - 8 XII 2001".
I don't know Polish idiom. Certainly 10 years (1991 - 2001) dedicated to Lady Mary...
Thank you, Kazimierz!