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I created some days ago a new blog, exclusively dedicated to this subject. It's my pleasure to share with you my collection and I would like to count on you to help me enriching it. For additional details, thank you for visiting :


Interesting cover. Eight stamps - two themes: CIRCUS and OLYMPICS GAMES 1980.
Courtesy of Jean- Claude!


Nice "R" FDC dated 17.05.2009 "Journée Mondiale des Télécommunications et de la Société de l'Information"
- World Telecommunication and Information Society
Thanks a lot, Ouari!


Two very nice covers recently received

Thank you so much, Kazimierz!

quinta-feira, 23 de julho de 2009


Très bellle envelope timbrée "Animaux disparus ou menacés", émmission de 2009.
En évidence et en premier plan les Rhinocéros et, plus haut, dans son vol majestueux, le Condor de Californie.
Merci beaucoup, Emma et Jerome!
Beautiful envelope stamped "Animal missing or in danger" , a 2009 series. The rhinoceros are in evidence in the foreground and the highest in its majestic flight, the Californian condor.


Colorful, fragrant and refreshing FDC (27.03.2009)
Thank you, Cvetko!

terça-feira, 21 de julho de 2009


Among several beautiful postcards recently received from Jean-Claude, I ellected these ones to share with you:

"Santa Ines Mission" - One of 21 Missions founded in California. This Mission dates back to September, 1804

"La Purissima Mission State Historic Park", Lompoc, California.
Each Mission had his own distinctive campanario (bell tower) where the bells would be rung in different patterns to call those within earshot to mass, prayer, rest or dinner. La Purissima Mission has the distinction of being the most authentic restauration of an historical edifice in the West

"Mission San Juan Capristano". - Viewed from the Entry Courtyard, the bell wall, was built in about 1813, after an earthquake left the church in ruins. The statue of Father Serra and a Juaneno, Entitled The Meeting of the Cultures, it was dedicated in 1914

Thank you very much, Jean Claude!


Nice postcard with the view of Santuario de Baños.
Baños city is a Roman Catholic religious center, as some Catholic believers say that the Virgin Mary appeared nearby a waterfall . So a sculpture of the virgin, called Virgen de Agua Santa, was placed in the cathedral. The history of the town is intimately linked with the highly active Tungurahua volcano. In October 1999, all 17000 + residents were forced to evacuate the city for several weeks.
Thank you so much, John!
Muchas gracias!

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Three beautiful FDC's dated 14.08.2004 - "Marian Sanctuaries" :




Thank you very much, Kazimierz!
Dziękuję bardzo!


Beautiful FDC dated 10.07.2009 - "Alexander Church of Narva, 125th Anniversary".
"The Alexander Church of Narva was built for the needs of the 5,000 Lutheran workers of the Kreenholm Manufactory. The building was completed in 1884 and was named in honour of Tsar Alexander II (...)" - in official AS EESTI POST brochure.
Courtesy of Pirjo!


As you know, I'm collecting postcards on Churches.
I've just received this one showing the interior of the Notre Dame Basilica in Montréal.
I really enjoy it!
Thank you so much, Leung!


New nice cover from Turkey.
Thank you!
Teşekkür ederim, Ahmet!


Great cover on "Europa 2009 - Astronomy"
Both stamps + m/s.
Thanks a lot, Goran!

sábado, 11 de julho de 2009

The Netherlands

This nice cover is decorated with a mini sheet issued on 16.06.2009 - Beautiful Netherlands !
"Our country offers a wealth of culture, nature and architecture...", in official TNT Post brochure.
Courtesy of Piet!
Hartelijk dank!


A full series on wine grapes decorates this very nice and colourful cover coming from Georgia (Tbilisi).
Thank you very much, Khatuna!


Nice envelope. On the right a stamp with a view of St. Martin's Cathedral, a the Romanesque cathedral in Slovakia in Spisska Kapitule, built between 1245-1273.
Thanks to Róbert!

terça-feira, 7 de julho de 2009


Nice postcard with "Holy Cross Church", at Kalwaria Pacławska, a small villagein in south-eastern of Poland, close to the border with Ukraine.

"30th anniversary of the election of Pope John Paul II -
Abide in mercy ..."

"Cistercian Route in Poland" - Kraków

1 - The facade of the basilica
2 - Main nave
3 - Famous wooden crucified Christ, dated XIV / XV century

Thank you very much, Kazimierz!