domingo, 6 de abril de 2008

The Netherlands - Piet

I promised to talk about Piet, this extraordinary and generous Dutch man who collects stamps and letters from every unusual place on the planet and, above all, FRIENDSHIP for him is an essential value. He has an interesting, strong and fascinating personality…
Like every collector, Piet has his want list. A few days ago he let it know to me. Unfortunately, I cannot help him, as this moment, as I would like. However, among all friends who visit my site, certainly some of you may help him… Reason why I would like to let you know Piet’s want list (covers) from the following places, i.e.:
- Karakalpakstan (Uzbekistan)
- Barneo Ice Station (Russ. Arctic)
- Palmerston Island (Cook Island)
- Somaliland (Somalia)
- Uros Islas (Peru – Lake Titicaca)
- Barnaba (Ocean Island – Pacific)
- Mustang (Nepal-Tibet)
- Nicobal Island (India)
- Nordkapp (Northern Norway)
- Niihau (Hawai – The Forbiden Island)
- Oecusse (East Timor Enclave)
- Golan Heights (Syria – Israel)
- Isola Stramboli (Italia)
- Isola Vulcano (Italia)
- Tavolara (Italia)
- Nova Zembla (Russian Arctic Isl.)
- Franz Josef land (Russ. Arctic Isl.)
- Cabinda (Angola Enclave)
- Suwarrow Island (Pacific)
- Castaway Cay (Disney Island)
- San Blas Islas (Panama)
- Saharaou Republic (Western Sahara)

In case you are from one of the above mentioned places, feel free to let me know. Piet deserves mine and your friendship.