sábado, 12 de abril de 2008

Pope John Paul II

Dear friends,
My collection of covers, stamps and blocks on Pope John Paul II has increased substantially in the last weeks, thanks to the sympathy and kindness of friends around the world, surprising me with valuable material.
During His Pontificate, Pope John Paul II materialised 104 trips by the most diverse places in the world. I think all countries visited issued stamps comemorating each event. Moreover, among the countries not visited, many of them didn't remain indifferent to the importance and greatness of His odd figure, and also issued commemorative stamps.
I would like to continue this enthusiasm in the expansion of my philatelic collection on This MAN and on This POPE.
So, I invite you the sending: -- Letters with (at least) a stampe of Pope John Paul II on the envelope and, if possible, the same one, separately, inside. If you send me an additional block and/or a mini-sheet, better yet. You can also send me letters that were addressed to other people. It is not necessarily they were issued in my name.
Upon receipt, I will send a cover to everyone equally, stamped with the theme(s) of your choice and including inside some stamps, blocks and mini sheets of your choice, according to my availabilities.
I promise to be generous in return.
I'm waiting for your letters.
Greetings from Portugal for you all!
André de Melo
PS: Herewith 2 examples: 1 cover, courtesy of Vladimir (CZ) and 1 cover, courtesy of Kazimierz (PL)