terça-feira, 21 de julho de 2009


Among several beautiful postcards recently received from Jean-Claude, I ellected these ones to share with you:

"Santa Ines Mission" - One of 21 Missions founded in California. This Mission dates back to September, 1804

"La Purissima Mission State Historic Park", Lompoc, California.
Each Mission had his own distinctive campanario (bell tower) where the bells would be rung in different patterns to call those within earshot to mass, prayer, rest or dinner. La Purissima Mission has the distinction of being the most authentic restauration of an historical edifice in the West

"Mission San Juan Capristano". - Viewed from the Entry Courtyard, the bell wall, was built in about 1813, after an earthquake left the church in ruins. The statue of Father Serra and a Juaneno, Entitled The Meeting of the Cultures, it was dedicated in 1914

Thank you very much, Jean Claude!