sábado, 25 de outubro de 2008

Czech Republic

New nice cover from Czech Republic.

We have a commemorative mini-sheet evoquing JOACHIM BARRANDE (August 11, 1799 Sauges, France - October 5, 1883 Vienna, Austria). French geologist and paleontologist. He was attracted to the fossils from the Lower Palaeozoic rocks of Bohemia.

For ten years (1840 - 1850) he made a detailed study of the rocks of Bohemia collectinf fossils and obtaining upwords of 3.500 species.

He was a fervent advocate of the theory of the catastrophes, thus opposing Charles Darwin's theory of evolution. The district of Prag, Barrandov, was named in honnor of the Scieentist on Bebruary 24, 1928.

Thank you very much, Vladimir!