terça-feira, 9 de setembro de 2008

Save Miguel (II) Explanation Required

Think natural, of course!

You were probably quite surprised because I have posted the video "Save Miguel!" And you asked: What a simple tree(Quercus Suber L.)has to do with philately? I answer: Apparently, nothing.
However, my answer could not be as simplistic, for an important reason:
-- As you know, the survival of this typical forest - cork oak trees - (Quercus Suber L.) is nowadays in danger, and with it, an entire eco system throughout the Mediterranean basin. And, why?
The main enemy of this tree is the synthetic closure (aluminium screw cap or other synthetic closure) in the wine bottles, instead of using NATURAL CORK in the bottling.
In our global village, it makes sense to think about the planet and the welfare of future generations.
Let's "Save Miguel!". CHEERS! with a good wine, bottled with natural cork. Miguel thanks ...